KUMJ | VOL. 14 | NO. 2 | ISSUE 54 | APR-JUN. 2016

Role of C-reactive Protein in Acute Appendicitis
Ghimire R, Sharma A, Bohara S

Background Acute appendicitis is the common surgical emergency. This study analyzed the value of C-reactive protein as the diagnostic marker of acute appendicitis. Objective To assess the level of C-reactive protein in acute appendicitis and to relate the quantitative measurement with degree of inflammation of appendix. Method A cross sectional study was done with consecutive patients diagnosed with acute appendicitis that underwent appendectomy over six months period. Peroperative findings and histopathology report were compared and analyzed with the level of C-reactive protein. Result A total of 54 patients were enrolled in this study. 94.40% were proved as acute appendicitis in histopathology. The level of C-reactive protein was significantly raised among highly inflamed appendix. C-reactive protein showed 84.31% sensitivity, 66.66% specificity, 97.72% positive predictive value and 20% negative predictive value in diagnosing acute appendicitis. Conclusion With degree of inflammation of appendix, value of C-reactive protein was raised. Quantitative assessment can predict severity of inflammation. Raised level of C-reactive protein is an aid for diagnosing acute appendicitis.
Keyword : Acute appendicitis, C-reactive protein, Histopathology.