KUMJ | VOL. 14 | NO. 4 | ISSUE 56 | OCT.-DEC. 2016

Congenital Bilateral Coloboma of Upper Eyelid
Singh S, Bilodi AKS, Panigrahi AK

Congenital coloboma of eyelid is a rare anomaly. There is partial or total absence of eyelid structures. A seven year male child had coloboma of both the upper lids lateral to lacrimal puctum affecting the medial half of lid symmetrically with symblepharon in region of defect bilaterally. The study was carried out at Maharaja Krushna Chandra Gajpati Medical College Berhampur, Odisha in year 2010. Both eyebrows were abnormal. He presented on and off diminution of vision, burning sensation, redness and watering from both the eyes on and off. On examination high refractive error was detected (visual aquity was 6/18 in righteye and 6/24 in left eye). Cornea was dry and opacities were present in both the eyes. There was limitation of ocular movement in both sides due to symblepharon. Nystagmus was present. The subject did not have any other associated anomaly. The birth and family history was normal. This case can be surgically treated and earliest management can give good fuctional as well as cosmetic results.
Keyword : Congenital coloboma, eyelid, frontonasal process, symblepharon