KUMJ | VOL. 14 | NO. 4 | ISSUE 56 | OCT.-DEC. 2016

Persistent Trophoblastic Disease at Cesarean Scar
Biswas R, Saxena P, Gupta U, Choudhary N, Chawla R

Pregnancy over the cesarean scar is the rarest cause of ectopic pregnancy and development of persistent trophoblastic disease at the scar site is extremely rare. A high index of suspicion is needed for early diagnosis and management of cesarean scar molar pregnancy. This condition is difficult to diagnose and must be considered in the patient with a history of cesarean section who has persistent vaginal bleeding or symptoms of pregnancy after suction evacuation. Diagnosis can be confirmedby measuring Human Chorionic Gonadotropin levels, transvaginal ultrasound with doppler flow evaluation. As this is an uncommon condition, this case report with conservative non surgical approach will add up to its clinical spectrum.
Keyword : Caesarean scar, ectopic, persistent trophoblastic disease