KUMJ | VOL. 15 | NO. 2 | ISSUE 58 | APRIL-JUNE 2017

Salmonella Enterica Serotype Paratyphi B - An Unusual Pathogen in Sepsis Neonatorum
Juyal D, Rathaur VK, Pal S, Sharma N

Sepsis remains a significant cause of morbidity and mortality in newborns especially in the developing countries. Salmonellosis, a global public health problem is common in tropical countries. However Salmonella enterica serotype Paratyphi B causing neonatal sepsis is rare and the survival depends on high index of suspicion and appropriate empiric therapy. We here report a case of sepsis neonatorum due to Salmonella enterica serotype Paratyphi B in a four day old baby girl. Salmonella infections should be considered in the differential diagnosis of neonatal sepsis, especially in endemic areas.
Keyword : Ceftriaxone, neonatal sepsis, respiratory distress, salmonellosis