KUMJ | VOL. 15 | NO. 2 | ISSUE 58 | APRIL-JUNE 2017

Abdominal Wall Scar Endometrioma
Jackson A, Smith J, Shrestha BM

Abdominal wall scar endometrioma is an uncommon clinical entity, which presents with lump and cyclical abdominal pain during menstruation, which develops after caesarean section or gynaecological procedures. Differential diagnosis includes a haematoma, desmoid tumour, incisional hernia, sarcoma, metastatic malignancies and suture granuloma. Adenocarcinoma developing from abdominal wall scar endometrioma are aggressive and carry poor prognosis. An awareness of this clinical entity is important to establish its diagnosis early and ultrasound scan, magnetic resonance scan, or a computerised tomographic-guided localization followed by surgical excision provides best outcome. Here in, a case of abdominal wall scar endometrioma is reported and review of pertinent literature is presented.
Keyword : Caesarean section, diagnosis, endometrioma, scar, treatment