KUMJ | VOL. 11 | NO. 3 | ISSUE 43 | JULY- SEPT, 2013

Fallopian Tube Papilloma Case Report of a Rare Tumor
Narasimhaiah A, Ansari M, Haritwal A, Awasthi S

Fallopian tube neoplasms are rare. We report a rare case of fallopian tube papilloma discovered incidentally in a 45 year old female, operated for procidentia. Right tube was dilated at the infundibular region, with friable grey white tissue in the lumen. Microscopy showed delicate branching papillae lined by a single layer of epithelium resembling tubal lining. There were no features to suggest a reactive hyperplasia in response to inflammation or of aggressive behaviour.
Keyword : Epithelial lesions, fallopian tube papilloma, metaplastic papillary tumor, proliferative