KUMJ | VOL. 2 | NO. 3 | ISSUE 7 | JULY-SEPTEMBER, 2004

Faculty opinion survey following attendance to teacher training workshops in Kathmandu Medical College
Joshi S, Pradhan A, Dixit H

Introduction: With the growing awareness of the importance of teaching and learning in Universities, the need to improve professional qualities in teachers has been identified.
Aim and Objectives: This paper describes the outcome of the impact of teacher training workshops on facultyteaching performance.
Methodology: A total of 30 faculties who had undergone teacher training in the one-year period were included in the study. Survey questionnaire were distributed and all the forms were returned.
Results: All (100%) respondents found the teacher training to be very useful/useful for improvement of teaching skills. A total of 76.66% said that the skills learnt in the workshop were very applicable, 80% perceived changes in studentsí classroom behaviour and found their lecture to be more participatory and interactive. As for their own change in behaviour, 66.66% respondents experienced better interaction with the students in classroom.
Discussion: The overall impression of the training was very positive. Future studies should include student feed back and classroom teaching observation for faculty teaching evaluation. We also need to utilise the feed back information obtained in this article, to further improve the strength of the future teacher training workshops. The future workshops should include sessions in problem-based learning and follow up refresher courses.

Keyword : Teacher- training, Survey, KMC