KUMJ | VOL. 15 | NO. 2 | ISSUE 58 | APRIL-JUNE 2017

Respiratory Failure in a Neonate with Pierre Robin Syndrome -A Challenging Proposition
Sahay N, Bhadani UK, Sharma S

Pierre Robin Syndrome is a well-known difficult airway condition. We present a case of successful management of a neonate in severe respiratory distress with diagnosed Pierre Robin syndrome, pneumonitis and in impending respiratory failure. We wish to highlight a sequence of measures instituted for the child including use of a supraglottic device Igel for immediate airway rescue when intubation was nearly impossible and mask ventilation very difficult. We sutured patientís tongue with his lip near the chin to keep the upper airway patent as an intermediate intervention and we could subsequently successfully treat the concomitant lung infection. Child could be discharged from hospital alive and healthy.
Keyword : Airway, igel, neonate