KUMJ | VOL. 5 | NO. 4 | ISSUE 20 | OCT-DEC, 2007

A prospective and retrospective study of actinomycosis in last five years at Manipal Teaching Hospital, Pokhara, Nepal
Talwar OP, Ghosh A, Pradhan S, Swami RM, Shivraj KC

Objective: The study was carried out to determine the clinical and morphological presentation of actinomycosis and its association with malignancy and other opportunistic infections.
Material and Methods: A prospective and retrospective study of cases was done from January 2001 to December 2006 (5 years) in the department of pathology.
Result: Total 19 cases of actinomycosis were found during this period. Patients presented with discharging sinus and non-healing superficial abscess. Out of 19 cases, three cases were associated with malignancy, two cases were associated with aspergillosis while one case was clinically misdiagnosed as malignancy. All cases were diagnosed pathologically except a case of maxillary sinusitis which was initially suspected as fungal sinusitis by CT scan. Since actinomycosis is often misdiagnosed it is important to know the clinical presentation and morphological features of actinomycosis for correct management.
Conclusion: The clinical features and histopathological findings of actinomycosis are important to understand for its correct diagnosis and better management of patient.

Keyword : Actinomycosis, fungus