KUMJ | VOL. 5 | NO. 4 | ISSUE 20 | OCT-DEC, 2007

Client expectation from doctors: Expectation reality gap
Rahman MM, Rahman S, Begum N, Asaduzzaman AKM, Shahjahan M, Firoz A, Metul MS


Aims and objectives: To determine client expectation from doctors, a descriptive survey was conducted
amongst people above 18 years of age and doctors of Faridpur District.
Methodology: For this purpose a total of 400 patients and 30 doctors were involved. Both rural and urban
population were included. A sample of 30 doctors was selected from the outdoor department of Faridpur
Medical College Hospital (FMCH), one Thana Health Complex; Non-Govt. private practitioners working in
Faridpur town and one Thana of Faridpur District. All had MBBS degree and had become doctors within the last 10 years. Data were collected and both quantitative and qualitative analyses were done. Focus group discussions were done among the people of Faridpur town and one Thana.
Results: The results showed that the majority of clients wanted (I) Experienced and skilled but inexpensive
doctors. (II) Proper diagnosis (III) Good behaviour (IV) Free supply of medicine especially for the poor (V)
Good clean hospital infrastructure (VI) Hospital to be in the vicinity of their residences. (VII) Both treatment
and advice for prevention to be given by the doctors.

Keyword : Clients, Doctors, Expectation, Reality, Gap