KUMJ | VOL. 1 | NO. 2 | ISSUE 2 | APRIL-JUN, 2003

Prospective study of pattern of breast diseases at Nepalgunj Medical college(NGMC),Nepal
Khan S, Kapoor AK, Khan IU, Shrestha GB, Singh P

Introduction: Patients of breast diseases of female are very common cases attending surgical out patient department for treatment at NGMC, Banke, Nepal. Objectives: To find out the magnitude of the breast diseases, its frequency distribution in different age group among the patients attending surgical OPD for surgical consultation. Material and method: This is a prospective study conducted at NGMC, Nepalgunj, Nepal. Patients attending surgical OPD for one or another breast problem were included. They were assessed clinically and their diagnosis was confirmed by cytological (FNAC) or histopathological (biopsy) examination. Then they were subjected to appropriate treatment. It must be mentioned at the outset that no clinical mammography could be done in the case of this study as these facilities are not available at NGMC. Results: 264 cases of breast disease were diagnosed. This includes 232 female and 32 male patients. The ratio between benign and malignant lesions was 13.6:1. The benign breast diseases (BBD) were the commonest lesions of the breast found in this study (93.2%) whereas malignant lesion was infrequent (6.8%). Among BBD, the commonest lesion was fibroadenoma (32.57%) followed by breast abscess (24.19%), Aberration of Normal Development and Involution (ANDI) which was 16.63% and gynecomastia (11.34%). 18 cases (6.80%) were of malignant lesion. This includes 16 female and 2 male cases. The common ages for BBD were, 20-40 years for fibroadenoma, 15-40 years for breast abscess, 18-40 years for ANDI and 10-19, 50- 59 for gynecomastia respectively, whereas carcinoma breast was common in the age group of forties and fifties. Conclusion: We conclude from this study that BBD were the most frequent breast lesion. Among the BBD fibroadenoma was the commonest lesion. Breast carcinoma cases were less frequent and reached to the hospital in very late stage of the disease
Keyword : Benign Breast Diseases (BBD), fibroadenoma, breast abscesses, gynecomastia, ANDI, breast cancer,