KUMJ | VOL. 8 | NO. 3 | ISSUE 31 | JULY-SEPT, 2010

Urological complications after Kidney transplantation
Chalise PR, Sharma UT, Gyawali PR, Shrestha GN, Joshi BR, Gurung GS, Ghimire RK, Kafle MP, Sigdel MR, Shah DS, Raut KB, Sidharth,

Background: Renal transplantation is a regular service at Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital and
complications have been known to occur after it. This study was conducted to assess complications after transplantation.
Objectives: To determine the incidence of urological complications after living related renal
transplantation at Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital.
Methods: A clinical study was performed (from August 2008 to July 2010) which included 50
living-related renal transplantations at Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital. All the donors and recipients were evaluated preoperatively with necessary investigations and followed up postoperatively with standard hospital transplant protocol. The incidence
of urological complications were documented and analyzed.
Results: Fifty living-related, renal transplantations were carried out during the study period. Seven doors had minor post operative complications; three had post operative fever, two had chest infections and each one had superficial surgical site infections and severe pain at incision site. Ureteroneocystostomy was performed with double J stent in all recipients. Urological complications were noted in 12 (24%) recipients. Clinical significant hematuria occurred in four cases. One patient had ureteric necrosis and urinary leak which required re-exploration post operatively. Two patients developed delayed ureteric stricture which were managed by antegrade Double J stenting and ureteric reimplantation. Peri-graft abscess occurred in two cases, which were drained percutaneously. surgical site infections was seen in one case.
Conclusions: Urological complications are inevitable in renal transplantation and our complications
rate appears similar to that reported in literature.

Keyword : double J stent, renal transplantation, urological complications