KUMJ | VOL. 14 | NO. 3 | ISSUE 55 | JULY-SEPT. 2016

Awareness on Hypertension and its Self-Management Practices Among Hypertensive Patients Attending Outreach Clinics of a Medical College in South India
Joseph N, Chiranjeevi M, Sen S, Singh P, Saini M, Beg S

Background Recent data suggest that hypertension is a significant public health problem in India. The success strategies for hypertension management depend upon clients’ awareness on hypertension and its self-management practices. Objective To determine awareness, self-management practices and compliance with treatment among hypertensive patients. Method This cross-sectional study was done in January 2012 at four health centres in Mangalore. All confirmed cases of hypertension attending the outpatient department were interviewed using a semi-structured interview schedule. Result Majority (58.7%) of the 315 participants were of the age group 41 to 60 years and majority (53.6%) were males. Most patients (69.5%) were educated up to high school level. The awareness level about hypertension was average or good in majority (52.4%) of the participants. Self-management practices were found to be average or good among 60.6% cases. Good compliance with treatment was seen in 78.7% cases and blood pressure was in control in 72.4% cases. Quality of self-management practices was found to influence control of blood pressure (p=0.021). Awareness, self-management practices and compliance were found to be significantly poor among aged (above 50 years), males, less educated, unemployed, unskilled or retired patients. Conclusion Awareness on hypertension and self-management practices were average or above among majority of the studied population. However this study identified groups who need to be better educated and further monitored to achieve universal blood pressure control among hypertensive population during the routine health care services in this settings.
Keyword : Awareness, compliance, hypertension, self-management