KUMJ | VOL. 14 | NO. 3 | ISSUE 55 | JULY-SEPT. 2016

Even a Tooth Slips Sometimes
Luitel A, Rimal J, Maharjan IK, Niroula D, Regmee P

While impaction of a tooth or two in dentoalveolar region is common, ectopic presence of them in non-dentate area is less commonly reported. A 45-year-old female reported to the department with pain on right back teeth region since two days. On examination, grossly decayed 46, root stump 47, missing 48, with poor periodontal status were noted. Panoramic radiograph was advised for screening, which revealed an inverted impacted 48 at the right ramus just below subcondylar region. However, it was an incidental finding and the patient was asymptomatic, she was informed about the pros and the cons of her case and kept under close monitoring.
Keyword : Ectopic, impacted tooth, panoramic radiography, tooth eruption