KUMJ | VOL. 14 | NO. 3 | ISSUE 55 | JULY-SEPT. 2016

Paediatric Stroke: A Rare Presentation of Iron Deficiency Anemia in a Four Year Old Child
Subedi K, Koirala S, Basnet R, Poudel A

Paediatric stroke is an uncommon syndrome with even lesser annual incidence rates of arterial ischemic stroke in infants and children. In children the diagnosis of stroke is frequently delayed or missed. This is due to subtle and nonspecific clinical presentations, a complicated differential diagnosis and a lack of awareness by physicians and also delay in the seeking of medical attention as in our case. We report you a rare case of a four year old child from remote Nepal who presented to our Out Patient Department after a long gap of around four months after the sudden onset of loss of consciousness and decreased movement of right limbs who after detailed history examination and lab investigations and imaging revealed ischemic stroke due to iron deficiency anemia.
Keyword : Anemia, iron deficiency, pediatric stroke