KUMJ | VOL. 21 | NO. 3 | ISSUE 83 | JULY-SEPTEMBER. 2023

Simple Oncoplastic Breast Conserving Surgery for Breast Cancer in a University Hospital
Khanal S, Singh N, Singh YP

Background The principle of oncoplastic surgery is the removal of tumors with negative margins as well as maintaining the contour of the breast. The goals are to achieve local control and best cosmesis. Objective The objective of this study was to assess patientsí satisfaction with different techniques of simple oncoplastic breast conserving surgery (BCS) for early breast cancer. Method This was a retrospective study of early breast cancer cases operated during the period 2009 to 2017. All the patients were under regular follow up for at least five years after surgery. Original Harvard/NSABP/RTOG scale was used to evaluate cosmesis at one year after surgery. Result Median age of the patients was 43 years with median size of tumor being 2.5 cm. All of the patients had good to excellent cosmetic outcome. One patient (4.5%) had margin positivity. All patients were disease free and happy with the cosmesis at five years although one patient did not have whole breast radiotherapy. Conclusion Simple oncoplastic breast conserving surgery techniques in upper part of breast are simple, feasible and improve cosmetic outcome with low margin positivity and good disease-free five-year survival.
Keyword : Breast cancer, Breast conserving surgery, Mammaplasty