KUMJ | VOL. 21 | NO. 3 | ISSUE 83 | JULY-SEPTEMBER. 2023

Laryngeal Paraganglioma - A Rare Entity
Ghimire SB, KC AK, Karmacharya S, Shrestha BL

Laryngeal paragangliomas are neural crest derived rare neuroendocrine tumors which originates from either superior or inferior laryngeal paraganglia. It arises most commonly in supraglottis with mean age of 44 years and it is three times more common in females. This is a case of 39 years female who underwent endoscopic debulking and excision of tumor for histopathological examination which proved to be poorly differentiated squamous cell carcinoma and received a cycle of chemotherapy that probably resulted in complete resolution of initial mass which was confirmed in subsequent follow up. Futher immunohistochemistry examination diagnosed the case as Laryngeal paraganglioma. With this consideration, how effective is the role of chemotherapy in the management of proven case of Laryngeal paragangliomas?
Keyword : Chemotherapy, Immunohistochemistry, Laryngeal paraganglioma