KUMJ | VOL. 21 | NO. 4 | ISSUE 84 | OCTOBER - DECEMBER, 2023

Radiographic Evaluation of Crestal Bone Loss in Pre-loading and Post-loading States of Endosteal Implants in Maxilla and Mandible- A prospective study
Lamichhane S, Humagain M, Bhusal S, Rijal AH, Rupakhety P

Background Peri-implant tissue integrity depends upon healthy peri-implant mucosa and bone. The crestal bone is one of the governing factors for successful implant therapy both functionally and esthetically. There are limited radiographic studies in Nepalese population for determination of crestal bone loss around peri-implant area comparing the bone loss at pre- and post-loading state. Objective To evaluate the bone loss in mesial and distal, maxilla and mandible before and after the implant supported prosthesis delivery. Method A 6-months prospective study was planned and conducted in 26 endosteal implants (13 maxillary and 13 mandibular) which were placed in 20 patients fulfilling the inclusion criteria. The crestal bone loss was measured and compared using digital radiography images using the designated software. The differences among the crestal bone loss in mesial and distal, maxilla and mandible in pre- (3 months of implant placement) and post-loading states (3 months of prosthesis delivery) were evaluated using the appropriate statistical tests. Result The crestal bone loss was more pronounced in the pre-loading stage (1.12 mm) compared to post-loading (0.48 mm). Initially, the bone remodelling was higher in the distal aspect whereas there was no significant difference between mesial and distal aspect in post-loading phase. Comparing maxilla with mandible, there were no significant differences in bone loss in both phases. Conclusion Within the limitations of this study, the crestal bone loss was found upto the physiological limit of bone remodelling provided the implants placed in strict, aseptic condition with proper case selection and planning.
Keyword : Crestal bone loss, Dental implants, Implant supported dental prosthesis, Osseointegration