KUMJ | VOL. 21 | NO. 4 | ISSUE 84 | OCTOBER - DECEMBER, 2023

Semi-customized Scleral Shell Prosthesis for a Pthisical Eye
Ghimire P, Singh SK, Rijal AH

One of the most common causes of eye loss is ocular trauma that overtime results in shrunken, non-functional eye known as a pthisical eye. The prosthetic options for such case include either prefabricated prosthesis or custom-made prothesis. Various materials and techniques are used for the fabrication of the prosthesis. Semi-customized prosthesis uses stock iris while the scleral shell is customized. This prosthesis has the advantages of both stock and custom-made prosthesis providing functionally and esthetically satisfactory result. This case report demonstrates the case of a 32 years old male who reported to the Department of Prosthodontics and Crown-Bridge, College of Dental Surgery, BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Dharan, Nepal for eye prosthesis to mask his pthisical eye. For this case, a semicustomized scleral shell prosthesis was planned and fabricated.
Keyword : Ocular prosthesis, Pthisical eye, Scleral shell