Specialist Periodontal Referral Knowledge, Attitude and Practice by General Dental Practitioner in Nepal
Rijal AH, Humagain M, Lamichhane S, Ghimire P

Background To enhance the referral process, it is essential for the patient, referring practitioner, and specialist to establish effective communication and ensure they are wellinformed and educated about each other’s requirements. Objective To assess the knowledge and attitude of general dental practitioners towards specialist periodontal referral. Method This cross-sectional study was carried out for 6 months from October 2022 to April 2023 using a self-administered questionnaire by general dental practitioners registered in Nepal Medical Council. Knowledge and attitude about periodontics, various diseases and referral to specialist for special treatment were analyzed. Result Total of 238 General Dental Practitioners (GDPs) participated in this web-based questionnaire survey. Majority of general dental practitioners (GDPs) reported that they always performed full-mouth and subgingival scaling (193, 81.09%), providing advice on proper brushing techniques (205, 86.13%), advising patients to stop harmful habits (212, 89.07%), and offering diet counseling (122, 51.26%) for patients displaying signs of gingival or periodontal diseases. Majority of GDPs also indicated that they occasionally consult a periodontist for specific periodontal problems, such as the presence of periodontal pockets (143, 60.084%), mobile teeth (150, 63.025%), gingival enlargement (145, 60.924%), periodontal abscess (146, 61.344%), and gingival recession (149, 62.605%). Conclusion General dental practitioners play a crucial role as the primary point of contact for patients seeking dental treatment. The periodontal health of the general population largely depends on the knowledge, attitude, and practice of GDPs.
Keyword : General dental practitioner, Periodontal referral, Periodontist