KUMJ | VOL. 3 | NO. 4 | ISSUE 12 | OCT-DEC, 2005

Type Title Author Action Page Number
Editorial Developing paediatric cardiology in the developing countries Sivaprakasam MC, Vettukattil JJ Download PDF 319-323
Original Articles Clinical study of sentinel lymph node biopsy in early uterine cervical carcinoma Wu Hong Ying, Thakur B Download PDF Read Abstract 324-326
Original Articles Correlation between serum-ascites albumin concentration gradient and endoscopic parameters of portal hypertension Gurubacharya DL, KC Mathura, Karki DB Download PDF Read Abstract 327-333
Original Articles Lipid peroxidation and antioxidant enzyme status in oral carcinoma patients Khanna R, Thapa PB, Khanna HD, Khanna S, Khanna AK, Shukla HS Download PDF Read Abstract 334-339
Original Articles Pattern of intraocular pressure changes following manual small incision cataract surgery Das H, Badhu BP, Panda A Download PDF Read Abstract 340-344
Original Articles Anthropometric studies on students of the Nepal Medical College: Elbow breadth Kumar A, Ramiah S Download PDF Read Abstract 345-348
Original Articles Our experience with epidural steroid injections in management of low backpain and sciatica Runu R, Sinha NK, Pai R, Shankar PR, Vijayabhaskar P Download PDF Read Abstract 349-354
Original Articles Prevalence of helicobacter pylori in Dhulikhel Hospital, Kathmandu University Teaching Hospital: A retrospective histopathologic study Makaju RK, Tamang MD, Sharma Y, Sharma N, Koju R, Ashraf M Download PDF Read Abstract 355-359
Original Articles Detection and co-ordinated care management of chronic kidney disease at Kathmandu Medical College Teaching Hospital Adhikary L, Simkhada R Download PDF Read Abstract 360-364
Original Articles Ectopic pregnancy – Two years review from BPKIHS, Nepal Poonam, Uprety D, Banerjee B Download PDF Read Abstract 365-369
Original Articles Antimicrobial utilization pattern in out patient services of ENT department of tertiary care hospital of Eastern Nepal Das BP, Sethi A, Rauniar GP, Sharma SK Download PDF Read Abstract 370-375
Original Articles Study of clinical profile and antibiotic sensitivity pattern in culture positive typhoid fever cases K.C. Mathura, Chaudhary D, Simkhada R, Pradhan M, Shrestha P, Gurubacharya DL Download PDF Read Abstract 376-379
Original Articles Effectiveness of structured teaching program in improving knowledge and attitude of school going adolescents on reproductive health Dhital AD, Badhu BP, Paudel RK, Uprety DK Download PDF Read Abstract 380-383
Original Articles Benign and malignant breast disease presenting to Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital Sharma A, Bandari R, Gilbert D, Sharma AK Download PDF Read Abstract 384-387
Original Articles A study of poisoning cases in emergency Kathmandu Medical College Teaching Hospital Khadka SB, Ale SB Download PDF Read Abstract 388-391
Original Articles Dose-dependent effect of copper chloride on male reproductive function in immature rats Chattopadhyay A, Sarkar M, Biswas NM Download PDF Read Abstract 392-400
Original Articles Superficial sural artery island flap for management of exposed achilles’ tendon - Surgical techniques and clinical results Kalam MA, Faruquee SR, Karmokar SK, Khadka PB Download PDF Read Abstract 401-410
Original Articles Effectiveness of nicotinic acid and bezafibrate alone and in combination for reducing serum triglyceride level Pradhan B, Neopane A, Karki S, Karki DB Download PDF Read Abstract 411-414
Original Articles Entry knowledge and situational feedback of MBBS students Sharma SC , Maharjan S Download PDF Read Abstract 442-448
Review Articles Pharmacogenomics – Therapeutic and ethical issues Patowary S Download PDF Read Abstract 428-430
Review Articles Recent advances in the management of epilepsy: A review Bhattacharya SK, Rauniar GP, Das BP Download PDF Read Abstract 431-437
Review Articles Ocular side effects of antitubercular drugs- A focus on prevention, early detection and management Kokkada SB, Barthakur R, Natarajan M, Palaian S2, Chhetri AK, Mishra P Download PDF Read Abstract 438-441
Case Reports Anatomical variation of maxillary sinus mimicking a periapical cyst: A case report Basnet P, Kamath MP, Kundabala M, Menda A Download PDF Read Abstract 415-417
Case Reports B-Lynch brace suture simple surgical technique for managing postpartum haemorrhage - Report of three cases Saha R, Sharma M, Karki C, Pande S Download PDF Read Abstract 418-420
Case Reports Intermediate syndrome in organophosphorous poisoning-A case report Parajuli S, Jayakumar J, Dham SK Download PDF Read Abstract 421-422
Case Reports Pedunculated angiomyxoma of the vulva - A rare clinical entity Dash S, Awasthi RT, Bandana K Download PDF Read Abstract 423-424
Case Reports HIV/AIDS wasting syndrome in Manipur - A case report Singh TN, Singh HL Download PDF Read Abstract 425-427
Short Commentary Medical camps and their usefulness Karki DB, Dixit H, Neopane A Download PDF Read Abstract 449-450
Short Commentary Public private partnership A Case Study of the Melaka-Manipal Medical College Nagra JS Download PDF Read Abstract 451-454
Book Reviews Clinical Nephrology P.K. Chhetri Download PDF Read Abstract 1-1

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