KUMJ | VOL. 5 | NO. 3 | ISSUE 19 | JULY-SEPT, 2007

Type Title Author Action Page Number
Editorial Art of clinical teaching Joshi KD Download PDF 293
Editorial Mental Illness and Stigma Adhikari SR Download PDF 293-294
Original Articles Helicobacter pylori infection, glandular atrophy, intestinal metaplasia and topography of chronic active gastritis in the Nepalese and Japanese population: The age, gender and endoscopic diagnosis matched study Matsuhisa T, Miki M, Yamada N, Sharma SK, Shrestha BM Download PDF Read Abstract 295-301
Original Articles Breathing comfort associated with different modes of ventilation: A comparative study in non-intubated healthy Nepalese volunteers Baral PR, Bhattarai B, Pande R, Bhadani U, Bhattacharya A, Tripathi M Download PDF Read Abstract 302-306
Original Articles Do we have to hyperventilate during laparoscopic surgery? Maharjan SK, Shrestha BR Download PDF Read Abstract 307-311
Original Articles OK-432: An effective sclerosing agent for the treatment of lymphangiomas of head and neck Baskota DK, Singh BB, Sinha BK Download PDF Read Abstract 312-317
Original Articles Comparative study of esmolol and labetalol to attenuate haemodynamic responses after electroconvulsive therapy Shrestha S, Shrestha BR, Thapa C, Pradhan SN, Thapa R, Adhikari S Download PDF Read Abstract 318-323
Original Articles Patients choice for method of early abortion among comprehensive abortion care (CAC) clients at Kathmandu Medical College Teaching Hospital (KMCTH) Saha R, Shrestha NS, Koirala B, Kandel P, Shrestha S Download PDF Read Abstract 324-329
Original Articles Altered serum levels of thyroxine, triiodothyroinine and thyroid stimulating hormone in patients with depression DasBKL, BaralN, ShyangwaPM, Toora BD, Lamsal M Download PDF Read Abstract 330-334
Original Articles Comparison of chemical cautery (AgNo3) and steroid spray against SMD (submucosal diathermy) in the treatment of symptomatic inferior turbinate hypertrophy (ITH) Kafle P, Maharjan M, Shrestha S, Toran KC Download PDF Read Abstract 335-338
Original Articles Ultrasound: An extension of clinical examination Singh DR, Joshi MR, Dangol UMS, Koirala U, Pradhan RL, Shrestha BR, Mishra CD Download PDF Read Abstract 339-342
Original Articles Prevalence of glaucoma in Sunsari district of eastern Nepal Sah RP, Badhu BP, Pokharel PK, Thakur SKD, Das H, Panda A Download PDF Read Abstract 343-348
Original Articles Exploring the iceberg of hypertension: A community based study in an eastern Nepal town Vaidya A, Pokharel PK, Karki P, Nagesh S Download PDF Read Abstract 349-359
Original Articles Nuchal cord and perinatal outcome Shrestha NS, Singh N Download PDF Read Abstract 360-363
Original Articles Knowledge of AIDS and condom as a preventive measure against AIDS among married males and factors influencing it in Bangladesh Rahman MM, Kabir M, Shahidullah M Download PDF Read Abstract 364-370
Original Articles Fine needle aspiration (FNA) of soft tissue tumours (STT) Hirachand S, Lakhey M, Singha AK, Devkota S, Akhter J Download PDF Read Abstract 374-377
Original Articles Complete elimination of tetanus is still elusive in developing countries: A review of adult tetanus cases from referral hospital in Eastern Nepal Joshi S, Agarwal B, Malla G, Karmacharya B Download PDF Read Abstract 378-381
Original Articles Knowledge and practice regarding menstrual hygiene in rural adolescent girls of Nepal Adhikari P, Kadel B, Dhungel Sl, Mandal A Download PDF Read Abstract 382-386
Original Articles Rapid detection of helicobacter pylori by endoscopic brush cytology and comparison with histopathology Akhter J, Shrestha HG Download PDF Read Abstract 387-390
Original Articles Prospective evaluation of contracted sockets Adhikari RK, Khazai H, Usha KD Download PDF Read Abstract 391-395
Original Articles Crown augmentation using modified bilayered restoration for anchorage: A case report Pai V, Kundabala M, Dixit P, Gautam S Download PDF Read Abstract 396-401
Review Articles Understanding the essentials of drug interactions: A potential need for safe and effective use of drugs Bista D, Palaian S, Shankar PR, Prabhu MM, Paudel R, Mishra P Download PDF Read Abstract 421-430
Review Articles Candida biofilms in medical devices: Evolving trends Dominic RM, Shenoy S, Baliga S Download PDF Read Abstract 431-436
Case Reports Toxic epidermal necrolysis masquerading as scald burn Mahat B, Pandit N, Shrestha R, Rupakheti S, Thapa P, Neopane A, Joshi KD Download PDF Read Abstract 402-404
Case Reports A rare case of pancreatic mediastinal pseudocyst Prasad BR, Paudel K Download PDF Read Abstract 408-411
Case Reports Primary tuberculosis of the thyroid gland Dawka S, Jayakumar J, Ghosh A Download PDF Read Abstract 405-407
Case Reports High risk nonmetastatic persistent gestational trophoblastic tumour following an abortion Pandey S, Shrestha NS, Thapa M Download PDF Read Abstract 412-413
Case Reports Penetrating foreign body neck: A case report Agrawal R, Timilsina DS, Reddy NS, Ganguly SN, Tayal A Download PDF Read Abstract 414-416
Case Reports Synchronous RCC with NHL: A case report Khadilkar U, Prasad K, Gupta S, Prabhu GL Download PDF Read Abstract 417-420

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