KUMJ | VOL. 6 | NO. 1 | ISSUE 21 | JAN-MAR, 2008

Type Title Author Action Page Number
Editorial Choosing a surgical specialty Joshi KD Download PDF 1
Editorial Uncorrected refractive errors (URE): The preventable blindness Malla OK Download PDF 2
Original Articles Environmental health effects of brick kilns in Kathmandu valley Joshi SK,Dudani I Download PDF Read Abstract 3-11
Original Articles Changing spectrum of antibiotic sensitivity in enteric fever Neopane A, Singh SB, Bhatta R, Dhital B, Karki DB Download PDF Read Abstract 12-15
Original Articles A study of oxidative stress, antioxidant status and lipid profile in diabetic patient in the western region of Nepal Maharjan BR, Jha JC, Adhikari D, Vishwanath P, Baxi J, Alurkar VM , Singh PP Download PDF Read Abstract 16-22
Original Articles Drug information needs of physicians treating diabetic nephropathy in a tertiary care hospital Devi P, George J Download PDF Read Abstract 23-27
Original Articles Tuberculosis diagnosed / managed at NGMC, Teaching Hospital, Kohalpur: A joint private-public effort Piryani RM, Kohli SC, Shrestha G, Rawat T Download PDF Read Abstract 28-32
Original Articles Incidence of congenital heart disease in tertiary care hospital Shah GS, Singh MK, Pandey TR, Kalakheti BK, Bhandari GP Download PDF Read Abstract 33-36
Original Articles When left ventricular failure complicates chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: Hypoxia plays the major role Paudel B, Dhungel S, Paudel K, Pandru K, Paudel R Download PDF Read Abstract 37-40
Original Articles Diagnostic variability and therapeutic efficacy of ECT in Nepalese sample Adhikari SR, Pradhan SN, Sharma SC, Shrestha BR, Shrestha S, Tabedar S Download PDF Read Abstract 41-48
Original Articles Association of primary glaucomas with retinal vein occlusion Sherpa D, Shakya S, Shrestha JK Download PDF Read Abstract 49-54
Original Articles Pattern of prescribing practices in the Madhya Pradesh, India Bhartiy SS, Shinde M, Nandeshwar S, Tiwari SC Download PDF Read Abstract 55-59
Original Articles Arsenic induces oxidative stress, sphingolipidosis, depletes proteins and some antioxidants in various regions of rat brain Haider SS, Najar MSA Download PDF Read Abstract 60-69
Original Articles Accuracy of ultrasonography in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis Khanal BR, Ansari MA, Pradhan S Download PDF Read Abstract 70-74
Original Articles Primary vesicoureteric reflux in Nepalese children Shrestha S, Basukala S, Pokhrel N Download PDF Read Abstract 75-78
Original Articles Study of socio-demographic and health status of the people of Duwakot VDC, Bhaktapur district Maskey KP Download PDF Read Abstract 79-88
Original Articles Validating breast self examination as screening modalities for breast cancer in eastern region of Nepal: A population based study Tara S,Agrawal CS , Agrawal A Download PDF Read Abstract 89-93
Original Articles The prevalence and characteristics of disability in Eastern Nepal Karkee R, Yadav BK, Chakravartty A, Shrestha DB Download PDF Read Abstract 94-97
Original Articles Effect of preload reduction by haemodialysis on doppler indices of diastolic function in patients with end-stage renal disease Acharya P, Ranabhat K, Trikhatri Y, Manandhar DN, Sharma SK, Karki P Download PDF Read Abstract 98-101
Original Articles Acquaintance with the actuality: Community diagnosis programme of Kathmandu Medical College at Gundu village, Bhaktapur, Nepal Vaidya A, Pradhan A, Joshi SK, Gopalakrishnan S, Dudani I Download PDF Read Abstract 128-134
Review Articles Selection of articulator for general dental practice Joshi PR, Bhat GS, Dixit S Download PDF Read Abstract 112-116
Review Articles Drug information services in Nepal: The changing perspectives Chhetri AK, Palaian S, Mishra P Download PDF Read Abstract 117-121
Review Articles Why treat? Better prevent: Adult immunization Kishore PV, Palaian S, Paudel R, Paudel B, Mishra P, Prabhu M Download PDF Read Abstract 122-127
Case Reports Submental tracheal intubation in a case of panfacial trauma Babu I, Sagtani A, Jain N, Bawa SN Download PDF Read Abstract 102-104
Case Reports Heterotopic pregnancy with spontaneous intrauterine conception: A rare clinical entity with diagnostic dilemma Rawal S, Koirala P, Singh M, Rana A Download PDF Read Abstract 105-108
Case Reports Intrathyroid metastasis presenting as a solitary thyroid nodule: An unusual case of clinically silent lung cancer Sharma UK, Rauniyar RK, Adhikary S, Sinha A Download PDF Read Abstract 109-111
Short Communications Introducing geriatric medicine to Nepal: An outline of a training programme and a model for the delivery of service Gautam PC Download PDF Read Abstract 135-140
Letter To The Editor Doctors as writers Joshi KD Download PDF Read Abstract 145
Letter To The Editor A need to develop medical humanities in Nepal Shankar PR Download PDF Read Abstract 146-147
Letter To The Editor Prevalence of adverse drug reactions with commonly prescribed drugs in different hospitals of Kathmandu valley Alam K, Palaian S Download PDF Read Abstract 148
Student KUMJ Internship: A closer look at its prospects Dangol B Download PDF Read Abstract 141-143

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