KUMJ | VOL. 8 | NO. 2 | ISSUE 30 | APRIL-JUNE, 2010

Type Title Author Action Page Number
Editorial Patient safety: Prevention during care Vaidya A Download PDF 151-152
Editorial Gendericide: A scary truth Shrestha NS Download PDF 153
Original Articles Osteosynthesis of intercondylar humerus fracture using bryan and morrey approach Lakhey S, Sharma S, Pradhan RL, Pandey BK, Manandhar RR, Rijal KP Download PDF Read Abstract 154-157
Original Articles Correlation of serum free prostate-specific antigen level with histological findings in patients with prostatic disease Lakhey M, Ghimire R, Shrestha R, Bhatta AD Download PDF Read Abstract 158-163
Original Articles Antimicrobial susceptibility pattern and serotyping of Streptococcus pneumoniae isolated from Kanti Children Hospital in Nepal Rijal B, Tandukar S, Adhikari R, Tuladhar NR, Sharma PR, Pokharel BM, Gami FC, Shah A, Sharma A, Gauchan P, Sherchand JB, Burlakoti T, Upreti HC, Lalitha MK, Thomas K, Steinhoff M Download PDF Read Abstract 164-168
Original Articles Surgical abortion in second trimester: Initial experiences in Nepal Shrivastava V, Bajracharya L, Thapa S Download PDF Read Abstract 169-172
Original Articles Effect of haemodynamic and metabolic predictors on echocardiographic left ventricular mass in non-diabetic hypertensive patients Gupta N, Karki P, Sharma S, Shrestha N, Acharya P Download PDF Read Abstract 173-178
Original Articles Comparison of single versus multiple doses of antibiotic prophylaxis in reducing post-elective Caesarean section infectious morbidity Shakya A, Sharma J Download PDF Read Abstract 179-184
Original Articles Objective voice analysis for vocal polyps following microlaryngeal phonosurgery Toran KC, Lal BK Download PDF Read Abstract 185-189
Original Articles Prevalence of pharmacotherapy in the department of paediatric dentistry Paudel KR, Sah NK, Jaiswal AK Download PDF Read Abstract 190-194
Original Articles Successes rate of endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy at KMC Shrestha S, Kafle PK, Pokhrel S, Maharjan M, Toran KC Download PDF Read Abstract 195-198
Original Articles Use of double-balloon catheter in the management of epistaxis: A boon for the periphery Bista M, Baranwal C, Maharjan M, Kafle P, Shrestha S, Toran KC Download PDF Read Abstract 199-202
Original Articles Morbidity and early outcome of transurethral resection of prostate: A prospective single-institute evaluation of 100 patients Shrestha B, Baidya JL Download PDF Read Abstract 203-207
Original Articles Upper gastro-intestinal bleeding: Aetiology and demographic profi le based on endoscopic examination at Dhulikhel Hospital, Kathmandu University Hospital Gurung RB, Joshi G, Gautam N, Pant P, Pokhrel B, Koju R, Bedi TRS Download PDF Read Abstract 208-211
Original Articles Post partum haemorrhage: Prevalence, morbidity and management pattern in Dhulikhel Hospital Dongol AS, Shrestha A, Chawla CD Download PDF Read Abstract 212-215
Original Articles Effect of preloading on haemodynamic of the patient undergoing surgery under spinal anaesthesia Singh J, Ranjit S, Shrestha S, Sharma R, Marahatta SB Download PDF Read Abstract 216-221
Original Articles Near miss maternal morbidity and maternal mortality at Kathmandu Medical College Teaching Hospital Shrestha NS, Saha R, Karki C Download PDF Read Abstract 222-226
Original Articles Acute appendicitis: Analysis of 518 histopathologically diagnosed cases at the Kathmandu University Hospital, Nepal Makaju R, Mohammad A, Shakya A Download PDF Read Abstract 227-230
Original Articles Subclinical hypothyroidism in eastern Nepal: A hospital based study Rohil V, Mishra AK, Shrewastwa MK, Mehta KD, Lamsal M, Baral N, Majhi S Download PDF Read Abstract 231-237
Original Articles An ultrasonographic evaluation of solitary muscular and soft tissue cysticercosis Sharma P, Neupane S, Shrestha M, Dwivedi R, Paudel K Download PDF Read Abstract 257-260
Original Articles Initiating advanced laparoscopic surgery in a medical college hospital with basic laparoscopic set up: Is it feasible and safe? Thapa PB Download PDF Read Abstract 261-264
Original Articles Variation of total serum cholesterol among the patient with thyroid dysfunction Risal P, Maharjan BR, Koju R, Makaju RK, Gautam M Download PDF Read Abstract 265-268
Review Articles Halitosis: Much beyond oral malodor Ongole R, Shenoy N Download PDF Read Abstract 269-275
Case Reports Spigelian hernia Bhatia TP, Ghimire P, Panhani ML Download PDF Read Abstract 241-243
Case Reports Alport’s syndrome Bastola P, Joshi SN, Chaudhary M, Shah DN Download PDF Read Abstract 238-240
Case Reports Multiple intracranial tubercular abscesses in a child Narang M, Gomber S, Upreti L, Dua S Download PDF Read Abstract 244-246
Case Reports Retinoblastoma in a 37 years old man in Nepal: A case report Shrestha A, Adhikari RC, Saiju R Download PDF Read Abstract 247-250
Case Reports Chronic bilateral dislocation of temporomandibular joint Shakya S, Ongole R, Sumanth KN, Denny CE Download PDF Read Abstract 251-256
Short Communications Biomass combustion and potential health effects in the developing countries Joshi SK, Dahl A, Kristensen T, Roldin P Download PDF Read Abstract 276-280
Short Communications Vaginal hysterectomy for pelvic organ prolapse in Nepal Sah DK, Doshi NR, Das CR Download PDF Read Abstract 281-284
Book Reviews A-Z of Practical Paediatrics Prof. Dr. Manindra R Baral Download PDF Read Abstract 285
Book Reviews Clinical Examination Methods in Orthopedics John Ebnezar Download PDF Read Abstract 286
Book Reviews The Short Textbook of Medical Microbiology Satish Gupte Download PDF Read Abstract 287

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