KUMJ | VOL. 11 | NO. 2 | ISSUE 42 | APRIL- JUNE, 2013

Type Title Author Action Page Number
Editorial Aesthetic Practice in Nepal Karn D Download PDF 109-109
Original Articles Education: The Key to Curb HIV and AIDS Epidemic Bhatta DN, Aryal UR, Khanal K Download PDF Read Abstract 158-161
Original Articles A Cross-Sectional Comparison of Drinking Patterns, Alcohol Use and Related Medical Morbidities in a Secondary Versus Tertiary Setting Risal A, Tharoor H Download PDF Read Abstract 152-157
Original Articles A Convenient Way to do Valgus Osteotomy for Neglected Fracture Neck of Femur Bansal P, Singhal V, Lal H, Mittal D, Arya RK Download PDF Read Abstract 147- 151
Original Articles Post-Operative Drop in Hemoglobin and Need of Blood Transfusion in Cesarean Section at Dhulikhel Hospital, Kathmandu University Hospital Singh B, Adhikari N, Ghimire S, Dhital S Download PDF Read Abstract 144-146
Original Articles Epidemiological and Outcome Analysis of Orthopedic Implants Removal in Kathmandu University Hospital Shrestha R, Shrestha D, Dhoju D, Parajuli N, Bhandari B, Kayastha SR Download PDF Read Abstract 139-143
Original Articles Lymphocytes Protect Cortical Neurons Against Excitotoxicity Mediated by Kainic Acid, an in vitro Model for Neurodegeneration Shrestha R, Millington O, Brewer J, Bushell T Download PDF Read Abstract 132-138
Original Articles Cervical Epidural Anaesthesia with Ropivacaine for Modified Radical Mastectomy Kulkarni K, Namazi IJ, Deshpande S, Goel R Download PDF Read Abstract 126-131
Original Articles A Comparative Study of Sexual Dysfunction in Schizophrenia Patients Taking Aripiprazole Versus Risperidone Shah SK Download PDF Read Abstract 121- 125
Original Articles Fluoride Concentration in Community Water and Bottled Drinking Water : A Dilemma Today Dhingra S, Marya CM, Jnaneswar A, Kumar H Download PDF Read Abstract 117-120
Original Articles Clinical and Electroencephalographic Profile Of Children Limbu N, Paudel BH, Thakur D Download PDF Read Abstract 110-116
Review Articles Gender-Based Violence: A Crucial Challenge for Public Health Sanjel S Download PDF Read Abstract 179-184
Review Articles Burning Mouth Syndrome: An Enigmatic Disorder Javali MA Download PDF Read Abstract 175-178
Case Reports A Multidisciplinary Approach in Treating a Patient with Unilateral Cleft Alveolus Das D Download PDF Read Abstract 171-174
Case Reports Return of Visual Acuity to Normal in Old Age Misra A Download PDF Read Abstract 165-167
Case Reports Terminal Bifurcation of the Right Testicular Vein and Left Testicular Arterio-Venous Anastomosis Nayak B S, Rao KG M, Shetty SD, Sirasanagandla SR, Kumar N, Guru A Download PDF Read Abstract 168-170
Case Reports Fenestration of Axillary Vein by a Variant Axillary Artery Hadimani GA, Desai SD, Bagoji IB, Patil BS Download PDF Read Abstract 162-164
Short Communications How I Do It? Endoscopic Modified Inlay Butterfly Cartilage Perichondrium Myringoplasty Shrestha BL Download PDF Read Abstract 185-187

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