KUMJ | VOL. 13 | NO. 2 | ISSUE 50 | APRIL-JUNE 2015

Type Title Author Action Page Number
Editorial Approach to Earthquake Related Health Problems Nepal BP Download PDF 95-96
Original Articles BK Virus Associated Nephropathy, a Cause of Early Renal Allograft Dysfunction: A Single Centre Study Shrestha S, Kerr PG, Kanellis J, Polkinghorne KR, Brown F, Yii M, Mulley W Download PDF Read Abstract 140-145
Original Articles A Study on Nutritional Status of Rural School going Children in Kavre District Mansur DI, Haque MK, Sharma K, Mehta DK, Shakya R Download PDF Read Abstract 146-151
Original Articles Reliability and Validity of a Nepali-language Version of the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) Risal A, Manandhar K, Linde M, Koju R, Steiner TJ, Holen A Download PDF Read Abstract 115-124
Original Articles Respiratory Tract Problems among Wood Furniture Manufacturing Factory Workers in the Northeast of Thailand Soongkhang I, Laohasiriwong W Download PDF Read Abstract 125-129
Original Articles Evaluation of Sialometric Analysis of Patients Suffering from Depressive Disorders Annette Milton B, Bhambal A, Nair P Download PDF Read Abstract 134-139
Original Articles A Prospective Study on Exchange Transfusion in Neonatal Unconjugated Hyperbilirubinemia – in a Tertiary Care Hospital, Nepal Malla T, Singh S, Poudyal P, Sathian B, BK G, Malla KK Download PDF Read Abstract 102-108
Original Articles Study to Compare and Evaluate Traditional vs. Endoscopic Septoplasty Shrestha I, Pokharel M, Dhakal A, Amatya RCM Download PDF Read Abstract 109-114
Original Articles Six Minute Walk Distance and Reference Equations in Normal Healthy Subjects of Nepal Shrestha SK, Shristava B. Download PDF Read Abstract 97-101
Original Articles Can Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy be a Feasible Standard in a Rural set up too? - An Experience of 348 cases from a Peripheral set up of Western Nepal. Shrestha AL, Shrestha P, Brown D Download PDF Read Abstract 130-133
Original Articles Taking Specialist Surgical Services to the Rural District Hospitals at One Forth Cost: A Sustainable ‘Return on Investment’ Public Health Initiative of Patan Hospital, Patan Academy of Health Sciences, Nepal. Shah JN Download PDF Read Abstract 186-192
Original Articles Analgesia before Performing Subarachnoid Block in the Sitting Position in Patients with Proximal Femoral Fracture: A Comparison between Fascia Iliaca Block and Femoral Nerve Block Ghimire A, Bhattarai B, Koirala S, Subedi A Download PDF Read Abstract 152-155
Original Articles Measuring Neuroticism in Nepali: Reliability and Validity of the Neuroticism Subscale of the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire Manandhar K, Risal A, Linde M Koju R, Steiner TJ, Holen A Download PDF Read Abstract 156-161
Original Articles Effect of Teachers Training Workshop Outcomes on Real Classroom Situations of Undergraduate Medical Students Baral N, Nepal AK, Paudel BH, Lamsal M Download PDF Read Abstract 162-166
Review Articles Relationship of Angiogenesis and Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Marla V, Hegde V, Shrestha A Download PDF Read Abstract 178-185
Case Reports Familial Hypodontia: A Case Series Tangade SP, Ravishankar TL, Batra M, Shah AF Download PDF Read Abstract 167-169
Case Reports Mucinous Cystic Borderline Tumor of the Mesentery: A Case Report Poudel R, Acharya A, Pokhrel S, Adhikari SK Download PDF Read Abstract 170-171
Case Reports Pompe Disease: Cyanosed Hypotonic Infant with Normal Respiratory Rate Koirala S, Poudel A, Basnet R, Subedi K Download PDF Read Abstract 172-174
Case Reports Iatrogenic Perforation of Stomach - A Case Report Nithin MD, Marigoudar RM, Rani S, Johnson LR Download PDF Read Abstract 175-177

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