KUMJ | VOL. 19 | NO. 3 | ISSUE 75 | JULY - SEPT. 2021

Type Title Author Action Page Number
Editorial COVID-19 Vaccination: Urgent Efforts Must Now Be Made to Ensure that Pregnant Women Are Fast Tracked and Prioritized Dangal G Download PDF 285-286
Original Articles Colistin Resistance among Human Clinical Isolates from a Tertiary Care Hospital in Nepal Amatya R, Barakoti A, Rai JR, Subedi A Download PDF Read Abstract 294-300
Original Articles Offspring Education, Mental Health Status and Quality of Life among Parents of High School Students in the Northeast of Thailand Khamharnpol T, Banchonhattakit P, Laohasiriwong W Download PDF Read Abstract 287-293
Original Articles Incidence and Diagnosis of Ampullary Carcinoma in Dhulikhel Hospital, Kathmandu University Hospital Dhakal B, Makaju R Download PDF Read Abstract 301-304
Original Articles Histological Examination of Tissue Obtained in Early Pregnancy Loss Kayastha S, Shah L, Mainali S Download PDF Read Abstract 305-308
Original Articles Comparison between Simple and Classical Techniques to Create Closed Pneumoperitoneum Gharti BB, Shrestha PM, Shrestha A, Basnet RB, Shah C, Adhikari B Download PDF Read Abstract 309-313
Original Articles Assessment of Sexual Dimorphism in Mandibular Ramus: An Orthopanoramic Study Koju S, Maharjan N, Rajak RRK, Yadav DK, Bajracharya D, Ojha B Download PDF Read Abstract 314-319
Original Articles Demographic and Clinical Profile of Women Attending Genetic Clinic for Prenatal Invasive Testing at a Tertiary Referral Center, India Koirala N, Kafle SP Download PDF Read Abstract 320-324
Original Articles Analysis of Prognostic Factors of Bellís Palsy in a Tertiary Care Centre of Eastern Nepal Paudel D, Chettri ST, Sah BP, Dahal R, Pyakurel P Download PDF Read Abstract 325-329
Original Articles Real Time Trans-Rectal Elastography of Prostate Correlation with Histopathology in a Suspected Case of Prostate Cancer Basnet B, Suwal S, Chataut D, Lohani B, Paudel S Download PDF Read Abstract 330-333
Original Articles Lipid Profile and Ultrasonographic Grading in Alcoholic and Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Patients Shahi A, Gautam N, Rawal S, Sharma U, Jayan A Download PDF Read Abstract 334-338
Original Articles Comparison of Outcomes of Conventional Septoplasty Versus Endoscopic Septoplasty using Freerís Incision in Symptomatic Deviated Nasal Septum Khadgi S, Gurung U, Pradhan B, Tripathi P Download PDF Read Abstract 339-344
Original Articles Supraclavicular Brachial Plexus Block: Comparison of Varying Doses of Dexmedetomidine with Ropivacaine Shakya S, Singh J, Ghimire A, Shrestha B Download PDF Read Abstract 345-350
Original Articles Anxiety, Depression and Functional Impairment among Health Care Workers during COVID-19 Pandemic: A Crosssectional Online Survey Shrestha R, Khatri B, Adhikari S, Poudyal P Download PDF Read Abstract 351-355
Original Articles Etiology, Pattern, Treatment and Outcome of Maxillofacial Fractures at Dhulikhel Hospital Chaurasia NK, Upadhyaya C, Dulal S Download PDF Read Abstract 356-360
Original Articles Clinical Profile and Diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome using Overnight Polysomnography in a Tertiary Care Hospital Pokharel M, Shrestha BL, Dhakal A, Rajbhandari P, Shrestha KS, KC AK, Bhattarai A, Karki DR Download PDF Read Abstract 361-365
Original Articles Psychosocial Problems among the Adolescent School Students of Dhulikhel Municipality Shrestha B, Gautam S, Shrestha J, Shrestha S Download PDF Read Abstract 366-370
Original Articles Non Traumatic Coma in the Intensive Care Unit: Etiology and Prognosis Kafle DR, Sah RP, Karki DR Download PDF Read Abstract 371-374
Original Articles Effectiveness of Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid and Cervical Cytology in Early Detection of Precursors of Cervical Cancer in Nepal Dongol Singh A, Shakya S, Mudbari J Download PDF Read Abstract 375-380
Original Articles Chest CT Scan Findings in Symptomatic Patients Infected with COVID-19 in Norvic International Hospital, Nepal Shahi RR, Sapkota MR, Budhathoki L, Manandhar S, Regmi D Download PDF Read Abstract 381-86
Case Reports Vaginal Atresia with Cervical Agenesis, a Rare Congenital Malformation Regmi DR, Dangal G, Karki A, Pradhan HK, Shrestha R, Bhattachan K, Tiwari KD, Bharati S, Manandhar P, Maharjan S Download PDF Read Abstract 390-392
Case Reports Tumescent Local Anesthesia in Parotid Abscess - Novel Application of Old Technique Raghuraman MS, Gopi S, Radhakrishnan A, Madhu G, Ishwaryarajan MS, Selvam P Download PDF Read Abstract 393-395
Case Reports A Rare Case of Large Left Lateral Wall Vaginal Myoma Shrestha A, Mudbari J, Tamrakar SR, Pradhan N, Makaju R, Karki S Download PDF Read Abstract 396-398
Case Reports C-ARM Guided Angiogram/Angioplasty for Selected Failed Arterio Venous Fistula. A Report of a Procedure at University Hospital of Nepal Vaidya S, Karmacharya RM, Singh AK, Vaidya PR, Malinowski M, Dhakal A Download PDF Read Abstract 399-401
Case Reports Juvenile Generalized Myasthenia Gravis: Presented as Unilateral Blepharoptosis and Successfully Managed with Pulse Intravenous Methylprednisolone Poudel P, Anand A, Ghosh S Download PDF Read Abstract 402-407
Viewpoint Endoscopic stapes surgery: How I do it? Shrestha BL Download PDF Read Abstract 387-389

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