KUMJ | VOL. 20 | NO. 4 | ISSUE 80 | OCT. - DEC. 2022

Type Title Author Action Page Number
Editorial Understanding the Implementation of Evidence Based Medicine in Training and Practice Nepal O Download PDF 399-400
Original Articles Functional Status of Senior Citizens of a Metropolitan City in Morang Koirala P, Shrestha S, Koirala M Download PDF Read Abstract 493-498
Original Articles Refractive and Binocular Vision Status and Associated Asthenopia among Clinical Microscopists Kaiti R, Shrestha JB, Dev MK, Pradhan A Download PDF Read Abstract 499-504
Original Articles Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Medical Ethics among Doctors and Nurses in Pokhara Valley, Nepal Hirachan N, Shrestha N Download PDF Read Abstract 488-492
Original Articles Retinal Haemorrhage in Newborns in Tertiary Care Hospital Makaju Shrestha R, Shrestha S, Sharma S, Joshi A, Shrestha P, JK Shrestha Download PDF Read Abstract 483-487
Original Articles Prevalence and Associated Factors of Cesarean Section in Dhulikhel Hospital, Kathmandu University Hospital Acharya R, Singh B, Nepal J, Thapa P, Pandey C, Pandey J, Shrestha S, Khan A, Pun KD Download PDF Read Abstract 477-482
Original Articles Sagittal Root Position of Maxillary Anterior Teeth in Nepalese Population Using Cone Beam Computed Tomography Lamichhane S, Humagain M, Dawadi A, Koju S Download PDF Read Abstract 472-476
Original Articles The outcome of Radial Neck Fracture Treated with Closed/Open Reduction and Retrograde Kirschner Wires Fixation in the Paediatric Age Group Sapkota K, Ranjeet N, Onta PR, Thapa P Download PDF Read Abstract 467-471
Original Articles Treatment of Infrabony Defects by Open Flap Debridement with or without Diode Laser Agrawal S, Pradhan S Download PDF Read Abstract 461-466
Original Articles Comparison of Reverse Sural Artery Fasciocutaneous Flap in Soft Tissue Reconstruction Between above Ankle and Below Ankle Defect Pandey S, Bidary S Download PDF Read Abstract 456-460
Original Articles Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria: Clinical Profile, Autologous Serum Skin Test Positivity and Associated Impairment in Quality of Life in Nepalese Patients Paudel S, Parajuli N, Sharma R, Parajuli S Download PDF Read Abstract 448-451
Original Articles An Anatomical Variation of Median Artery of Forearm and Palm: Cadaveric Study into its Origin and Course Khan GA, Shrestha A Download PDF Read Abstract 443-447
Original Articles Analysis of Lung Cancer Cases Presenting in Outpatient Department of University Hospital of Nepal Karmacharya RM, Singh AK, Vaidya S, Tuladhar SM, Devbhandari M, Lama B, Kharel BB, Basnet S Download PDF Read Abstract 452-455
Original Articles Virologic Response Following a Switch to Dolutegravir-based Regimen in People Living with HIV/AIDS at a Tertiary Care Center in Nepal Tamrakar R, Tamrakar D Download PDF Read Abstract 438-442
Original Articles Emergence Time and Sequence of Primary Teeth in a Sample of Nepalese Children Upadhyay S, Deoju R, Mahanta SK, Shrestha R Download PDF Read Abstract 434-437
Original Articles Clinical Characteristics of Cataract Patients and Outcome of Cataract Surgery in Tertiary Care Hospital in Central Nepal Shrestha A, Shrestha P, Shrestha T, Makaju Shrestha R, Shrestha B, Poudel L, Shrestha JK Download PDF Read Abstract 401-405
Original Articles Study of Two Different Volumes of 0.75% Ropivacaine for Ultrasound Guided Supraclavicular Brachial Plexus Block on Successful Blockade and Diaphragmatic Motility Prasad JN, Adhikari S, Singh SN, Subedi A, Thapa P, Guddy KM, Sarraf DP Download PDF Read Abstract 406-411
Original Articles Evaluation of Antinociceptive Activity of Ficus Religiosa Root Extract in Swiss Albino Mice Singh S, Sangraula H, Singh PK, Sarraf DP Download PDF Read Abstract 412-416
Original Articles Prevalence of Microalbuminuria in Patients of Essential Hypertension and its Correlation with Left Ventricular Hypertrophy and Carotid Artery Intima‑media Thickness Pathak SR, Bhattarai N, Baskota D, Koju RP, Humagain S Download PDF Read Abstract 417-421
Original Articles Tumour Marker Requisition Pattern in a Tertiary Care Centre of Eastern Nepal Niraula A, Gelal B, Chaudhari RK, Das BKL, Lamsal M Download PDF Read Abstract 422-426
Original Articles Study on Patientís Perception on Medication Counseling at Community Pharmacy in Sub-urban Area of Nepal Shrestha U, Koju Shrestha R, Biswokarma AK, Koju P, Shrestha S, Shakya Shrestha S Download PDF Read Abstract 427-430
Original Articles Prevalence of Significant Tricuspid Regurgitation in Patients Planned for Mitral Valve Surgery in a Tertiary Center of Nepal Sharma Parajuli S, Rajbhandari N, Panthee N, Timshina A Download PDF Read Abstract 431-433
Audit Articles Incidence and Pattern of Patient-Perceived Oral Medicine Emergencies during Lockdown: Experience of Tertiary Health Care Centre of Eastern Nepal Regmee P, Adhikari S, Sulu S, Rimal J, Maharjan IK Download PDF Read Abstract 514-517
Review Articles Coronary Artery Disease in Nepal: Current Perspective, Challenges, Need for National Practice Guidelines, and Potential Solutions Prajapati D, Bhandari N, Gautam P, Dhital R, Shrestha A Download PDF Read Abstract 505-513
Case Reports Myocardial Infarction in Non-obstructive Coronary Arteries (MINOCA) in the Perioperative Period can Epinephrine be Responsible? Koirala M, Shakya BM, Parajuli B, Ghimire B Download PDF Read Abstract 535-537
Case Reports Bi-maxillary Protrusion: An Orthodontic Management Chaudhary NK, Giri J, Gyawali R, Pokharel PR Download PDF Read Abstract 528-531
Case Reports Appendiceal Neuroendocrine Tumor Mimicking Acute Appendicitis Gautam N, Makaju R, Basnet D, Lama B, Maharjan PB, Dahal S Download PDF Read Abstract 532-534
Case Reports Massive Hemoptysis and Pulmonary Thromboembolism in a Patient with Pulmonary Tuberculosis: A Therapeutic Conundrum Managed with Bronchial Artery Embolization Vaidya N, Karmacharya RM, Vaidya S, Bade S, Bade S, Paudel K, Kandel G, Thapa P, Maharjan R, Duwal S, Karki Y Download PDF Read Abstract 522-525
Case Reports Spontaneous Pneumothorax as Clinical Presentation in a Patient with COVID-19 Devkota S, Shrestha S Download PDF Read Abstract 526-527
Short Communications Endoscopic Ear Surgery in Dhulikhel Hospital: A decade of Experience Shrestha BL Download PDF Read Abstract 518-521

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