KUMJ | VOL. 7 | NO. 3 | ISSUE 27 | JULY-SEPT, 2009

Type Title Author Action Page Number
Editorial Head and neck malignancies: Emerging concepts! Toran KC Download PDF 1
Editorial Community based medical education: Prospects and challenges Marahatta SB Download PDF 4-5
Editorial The resistant macular oedema Malla OK Download PDF 2-3
Editorial Nepal Medical Council: The past and the future Dixit H Download PDF 6-13
Original Articles Minimally invasive open lumbar discectomy: An alternative to microlumbar discectomy Devkota UP, Lohani S, Joshi RM Download PDF Read Abstract 14-18
Original Articles Early pregnancy termination with a simplified mifepristone - medical abortion outpatient regimen Chuni N, Chandrashekhar TS Download PDF Read Abstract 19-22
Original Articles Efficacy of first-line, WHO recommended generic HAART regimens in Indian children Parakh A, Dubey AP, Kumar A, Maheshwari A, Saxena R Download PDF Read Abstract 23-28
Original Articles Quality of care provided to newborns by nursing personnel at BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences Shrestha M, Singh R , Upreti D Download PDF Read Abstract 29-35
Original Articles Throat carriage rate and antimicrobial resistance trend of Streptococcus pyogenes among the asymptomatic Nepalese school children Dumre SP, Sapkota K, Adhikari N, Acharya D, Karki M, Basnyat SR, Joshi SK Download PDF Read Abstract 36-40
Original Articles Study on determination of errors in prescription writing Ansari M, Neupane D Download PDF Read Abstract 41-44
Original Articles Cervical epidural anaesthesia for thyroid surgery Khanna R, Singh DK Download PDF Read Abstract 45-48
Original Articles A comparative study on adult mortality of Nepal Aryal Umesh Raj, Lohani Shyam Prasad, Upadhyaya Surath, Ram Chandra Sinha Download PDF Read Abstract 49-54
Original Articles Heart rate variability: Response to graded head up tilt in healthy men Sharma P, Paudel BH, Singh PN, Limbu P Download PDF Read Abstract 55-60
Original Articles Clinical outcomes of total laryngectomy for laryngeal carcinoma Bajaj Y , Shayah A, Sethi N, Harris AT, Bhatti I, MB ChB, Awobem A, Loke D, Woodhead CJ Download PDF Read Abstract 61-65
Original Articles The significance of lipid profile and positive Troponin in predicting cardiac event De Silva LDR, Kumar A , Sathian B Download PDF Read Abstract 66-70
Original Articles An epidemiological study of injury among urban population Ghimire A, S Nagesh, Jha N, Niraula SR, Devkota S Download PDF Read Abstract 71-76
Original Articles Incidence of end stage renal disease on renal replacement therapy in Nepal (1990-1999) Hada R, Khakurel S, Agrawal RK, Kafle RK, Bajracharya SB and Raut KB Download PDF Read Abstract 96-100
Original Articles What is the role of the centre for educational scholarship? Evans P Download PDF Read Abstract 130-131
Original Articles Comparative study of community medicine practice in MBBS curriculum of health institutions of Nepal Marahatta SB, Sinha NP, Dixit H Download PDF Read Abstract 132-142
Original Articles Relationship between T lymphocyte subsets and cortisol in systemic lupus erythematosus Shah D, Kiran R, Wanchu A, Bhatnagar A Download PDF Read Abstract 213-219
Original Articles A comparative study of fl uorescent microscopy with Ziehl-Neelsen staining and culture for the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis Laifangbam S, Singh HL, Singh NB, Devi KM, Singh NT Download PDF Read Abstract 226-230
Original Articles Prevalence of different types of gallstone in the patients with cholelithiasis at Kathmandu Medical College, Nepal Pradhan SB, Joshi MR, Vaidya A Download PDF Read Abstract 268-271
Original Articles Health problems among the street children of Dharan municipality Thapa K, Ghatane S, Rimal SP Download PDF Read Abstract 272-279
Review Articles Antiretroviral treatment programmes in Nepal: Problems and barriers Wasti SP, Simkhada P, Van Teijlingen ER Download PDF Read Abstract 101-109
Review Articles Tetanus Poudel P, Budhathoki S, Manandhar S Download PDF Read Abstract 110-117
Review Articles Opportunities and challenges in school-based sex and sexual health education in Nepal Acharya DR, Van Teijlingen ER, Simkhada P Download PDF Read Abstract 118-126
Case Reports Macrophage activation syndrome in an inadequately treated patient with systemic onset juvenile idiopathic arthritis Juneja M, Jain R, Mishra D Download PDF Read Abstract 77-779
Case Reports Chilaiditiís syndrome Hazra NK, Panhani ML, Tiwari PK, Gupta A Download PDF Read Abstract 80-83
Case Reports Three rooted, four canalled mandibular fi rst molar (Radix Entomolaris) Parolia A, Kundubala M, Thomas MS, Mohan M, Joshi N Download PDF Read Abstract 84-87
Case Reports Bilateral superfi cial brachial artery Sharma T, Singla RK, Sachdeva K Download PDF Read Abstract 88-90
Case Reports Multiple arterial anomalies in upper limb Baral P, Vijayabhaskar P, Roy S, Kumar S, Ghimire S , Shrestha U Download PDF Read Abstract 91-95
Case Reports Cardiac arrest during laparoscopic cholecystectomy under general anaesthesia: A study into four cases Gautam B, Shrestha BR Download PDF Read Abstract 280-288
Case Reports The retreatment of a mandibular second premolar with unusual canal anatomy Pai AEV, Gautam S, Kundabala M Download PDF Read Abstract 298-300
Short Communications How to uphold standards of medical education in Nepal: Some recommendations Baral P Download PDF Read Abstract 143-144
Short Communications Modern trends in medical education: A critical appraisal Bapat SK Download PDF Read Abstract 145-148
Short Commentary Health manpower development in Nepal: A historical perspective Shah M Download PDF Read Abstract 127-129
Student KUMJ Painting the CANVAS Dhungana V, Sthapit B, Sigdel B Download PDF Read Abstract 334-335

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