KUMJ | VOL. 7 | NO. 4 | ISSUE 28 | OCT-DEC, 2009

Type Title Author Action Page Number
Editorial The Swine Flu pandemic in Nepal Neopane A Download PDF 339-340
Editorial Internship: Learning to be a doctor Dhungana V, Sthapit B Download PDF 341-343
Original Articles Economic and social burden due to injuries and violence in Nepal: A cross-sectional study Joshi SK, Shrestha S Download PDF Read Abstract 344-350
Original Articles A review of HIV in prisons in Nepal Dolan K, Larney S Download PDF Read Abstract 351-354
Original Articles Clinical features of HIV/AIDS and various opportunistic infections in relation to antiretroviral status among HIV seropositive individuals from Central Nepal Sharma S, Dhungana GP, Pokherel BM, Rijal BP Download PDF Read Abstract 355-359
Original Articles Spinal anaesthesia for laparoscopic cholecystectomy: A feasibility and safety study Gautam B Download PDF Read Abstract 360-368
Original Articles External and internal fi xation for comminuted intra-articular fractures of distal radius Pradhan RL, Lakhey S, Pandey BK, Manandhar RR, Rijal KP, Sharma S Download PDF Read Abstract 369-373
Original Articles Objective analysis of voice in normal young adults KC Toran, Lal BK Download PDF Read Abstract 374-377
Original Articles Characteristics and risk factors of Plasmodium falciparum malaria in Eastern and Central Nepal Banjara MR, Sirawaraporn W, Petmitr S, Imwong M, Joshi AB, Chavalitshewinkoon-Petmitr P Download PDF Read Abstract 378-382
Original Articles Young people’s knowledge, attitude, and behaviour on STI/HIV/AIDS in the context of Nepal: A systematic review Upreti D, Regmi P, Pant P, Simkhada P Download PDF Read Abstract 383-391
Original Articles Asymptomatic throat carriage rate and antimicrobial resistance pattern of Streptococcus pyogenes in Nepalese school children Dumre SP, Sapkota K, Adhikari N, Acharya D, Karki M, Bista S, Basnyat SR, Joshi SK Download PDF Read Abstract 392-396
Original Articles Observation of hearing loss in patients with chronic suppurative otitis media tubotympanic type Maharjan M, Kafl e P, Bista M, Shrestha S, KC Toran Download PDF Read Abstract 397-401
Original Articles An epidemiological study of injury among urban population Ghimire A, Nagesh S, Jha N, Niraula SR, Devkota S Download PDF Read Abstract 402-407
Original Articles Unusual variation in musculocutaneous nerves Bhattarai C, Poudel PP Download PDF Read Abstract 408-410
Original Articles Clinical profile of patients with pleural effusion admitted to KMCTH Dhital KR, Acharya R, Bhandari R, Kharel P, Giri KP, Tamrakar R Download PDF Read Abstract 438-444
Original Articles Comparative study of community medicine practice in MBBS curriculum of health institutions of Nepal Marahatta SB, Sinha NP, Dixit H, Shrestha IB, Pokharel PK Download PDF Read Abstract 461-469
Review Articles Opportunities and challenges in school-based sex and sexual health education in Nepal Acharya DR, Van Teijlingen ER, Simkhada P Download PDF Read Abstract 445-453
Review Articles Ertapenem Parakh A, Krishnamurthy S, Bhattacharya M Download PDF Read Abstract 454-460
Case Reports Macrophage activation syndrome in an inadequately treated patient with systemic onset juvenile idiopathic arthritis Juneja M, Jain R, Mishra D Download PDF Read Abstract 411-413
Case Reports Multiple odontogenic keratocysts associated with Gorlin-Goltz syndrome Dixit S, Acharya S, Dixit PB Download PDF Read Abstract 414-418
Case Reports Unexplained apnoea and loss of consciousness during sub arachnoid block for caesarean section Acharya SP, Marhatta MN, Amatya R Download PDF Read Abstract 419-422
Case Reports Laryngocele masquerading as a soft tissue neck mass Dhungel K, Gupta MK, Ahmad K, Sah PL, Rauniyar RK Download PDF Read Abstract 423-425
Case Reports Bilateral superfi cial brachial artery Sharma T, Singla RK, Sachdeva K Download PDF Read Abstract 426-428
Case Reports Postoperative intussusception following transverse colostomy: A case report with its pathogenesis Shakya VC, Agrawal CS, Koirala R, Khaniya S, Shrestha AB, Adhikary S Download PDF Read Abstract 429-431
Case Reports Axillary arch muscle Sharma T, Singla RK, Agnihotri G, Gupta R Download PDF Read Abstract 432-434
Case Reports Orthodontic repositioning of a malposed and dilacerated central incisor Hegde C, Hegde M, Parajuli U Download PDF Read Abstract 435-437
Short Communications Pharmacovigilance: Urgent need in midwestern region of Nepal Khanal S, Gyawali S, Kanodia R, Rathor RS Download PDF Read Abstract 470
Letter To The Editor In response to the article entitled “A study of severity of intention of suicide in various psychiatric diagnoses” by Pradhan SN and Adhikary SR, published in KUMJ 2009 Vol 7, No. 1, Issue 25, 63-66. Paudel KR Download PDF Read Abstract 475-476
Letter To The Editor In response to the article entitled “Prevalence of different types of gallstone in the patients with cholelithiasis at Kathmandu Medical College” by Pradhan SB, Joshi MR and Vaidya A published in KUMJ 2009 Vol 7, No. 3, Issue 25, 268-71 Shrestha R, Gyawali P, Poudel B, Sigdel M, Khanal M Download PDF Read Abstract 477-478

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