KUMJ | VOL. 8 | NO. 1 | ISSUE 29 | JAN-MARCH, 2010

Type Title Author Action Page Number
Editorial Evaluating the evaluation system Sharma SK Download PDF 1-2
Editorial Human trafficking in Nepal: A rising concern for all Joshi SK Download PDF 3-4
Original Articles Determinants of post-partum amenorrhea among Nepalese rural mothers: A multivariate analysis Aryal TR Download PDF Read Abstract 5-11
Original Articles Functional outcome of operatively treated displaced intra-articular calcaneal fractures using two parallel contoured reconstruction plates Lakhey S, Manandhar RR, Pradhan RL, Pandey BK, Sharma S, Rijal KP Download PDF Read Abstract 12-17
Original Articles Prevalence of dry socket following extraction of permanent teeth at Kathmandu University Teaching Hospital (KUTH), Dhulikhel, Kavre, Nepal: A study Upadhyaya C, Humagain M Download PDF Read Abstract 18-24
Original Articles Clinical and endoscopic spectrum of upper gastrointestinal manifestations in HIV patients Ravikumar VN, Rudresh K, Jalihal U, Satish R, Manjunath R Download PDF Read Abstract 25-28
Original Articles Community intervention to improve knowledge and practices on commonly used drugs Kafle KK, Karkee SB, Shrestha N, Prasad RR, Bhuju GB, Das PL, Chataut BD Download PDF Read Abstract 29-34
Original Articles Does short-term endotracheal intubation affects the acoustic characteristics? Toran KC, BK Lal Download PDF Read Abstract 35-39
Original Articles Multiple drug resistance in bacterial isolates from liquid wastes generated in central hospitals of Nepal Sharma DR, Pradhan B, Mishra SK Download PDF Read Abstract 40-44
Original Articles Epidemiology of malaria in two Eastern districts of Nepal Parajuli K, Ghimire P Download PDF Read Abstract 45-50
Original Articles Physicians and communities knowledge and awareness about new vaccines in immunization program: A study to derive lesson for increasing uptake Lahariya C, Khandekar J, Vachher AS, Pradhan SK, UG Students Research Group Download PDF Read Abstract 51-56
Original Articles Phenotypic characterisation and drug sensitivity testing of mycobacteria isolated from extra-pulmonary tuberculosis Gurung R, Bhattacharya SK, Pradhan B, Gurung S, Singh YI Download PDF Read Abstract 57-61
Original Articles Causes of stillbirths and neonatal deaths in Dhanusha district, Nepal: A verbal autopsy study Manandhar SR, Ojha A, Manandhar DS, Shrestha B, Shrestha D, Saville N, Costello AM, Osrin D Download PDF Read Abstract 62-72
Original Articles Kala azar in Nepal: Estimating the effects of socioeconomic factors on disease incidence Adhikari SR, Supakankunti S, Khan MM Download PDF Read Abstract 73-79
Original Articles Tumour and tumour-like conditions of peripheral nerve origin: Ten years’ experience Ghosh A, Talwar OP, Pradhan SV Download PDF Read Abstract 97-101
Original Articles Outcome of cluster endophthalmitis in western plain region of Nepal Bajimaya S, Kansakar I, Sharma BR, Byanju R Download PDF Read Abstract 102-108
Original Articles Preparing tutors for problem-based learning: An experience from B. P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Nepal Baral N, Paudel BH, Das BKL, Aryal M, Gautam A, Lamsal M Download PDF Read Abstract 141-145
Review Articles Diabetes mellitus: A review of its associations with different environmental factors Joshi SK, Shrestha S Download PDF Read Abstract 109-115
Review Articles Multi-drug resistant tuberculosis burden and risk factors: An update Marahatta SB Download PDF Read Abstract 116-125
Review Articles Academic detailing Shankar PR1, Jha N, Piryani RM, Bajracharya O, Shrestha R, Thapa HS Download PDF Read Abstract 126-134
Review Articles Rotavirus infection: An unrecognised disease in Nepal Pun SB Download PDF Read Abstract 135-140
Case Reports Two interesting cases of left atrial myxoma Alurkar VM, Neupane S Download PDF Read Abstract 80-82
Case Reports Hydranencephaly Pant S, Kaur G, JK De Download PDF Read Abstract 83-86
Case Reports Twin to twin transfusion syndrome Bhat R Download PDF Read Abstract 87-90
Case Reports Treatment of neglected elbow dislocations with combination of speed V-Y muscleplasty and intra-articular injection of hydrocorticosone Bansal P, Lal H, Khare R, Mittal D Download PDF Read Abstract 91-94
Case Reports Webbed penis: A rare case Agrawal R, Chaurasia D, Jain M Download PDF Read Abstract 95-96

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