KUMJ | VOL. 11 | NO. 1 | ISSUE 41 | JAN-MAR, 2013

Type Title Author Action Page Number
Editorial Ethics in Undergraduate Medical Courses in Nepal Adhikari RK Download PDF 1-3
Original Articles Benign Sinonasal Masses: A Clinicopathological and Radiological Profile Nepal A, Chettri ST, Joshi RR, Karki S Download PDF Read Abstract 4-8
Original Articles Comparative Study of Microscopy and Polymerase Chain Reaction for the Diagnosis of Suspected Visceral Leishmaniasis Patients in Nepal Pandey K, Mallik AK, Pyakurel S, Pun SB, Pandey BD Download PDF Read Abstract 14-17
Original Articles Thyroid Hormone levels in Highlanders- A Comparison Between Residents of Two Altitudes in Nepal Nepal O, Pokhrel BR, Khanal K, Gyawali P, Malik SL, Koju R, Kapoor BK Download PDF Read Abstract 18-21
Original Articles Inter- Relationship Between Rheumatoid Arthritis and Periodontitis Rajkarnikar J, Thomas BS, Rao SK Download PDF Read Abstract 22-26
Original Articles Premarital Sex Behaviors Among College Youths of Kathmandu, Nepal BC GB, Basel PL Download PDF Read Abstract 27-31
Original Articles Smoking Habit among Male Medical and Dental Students of B.P.Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Nepal Ghimire A, Sharma B, Niraula SR, Devkota S, Pradhan PMS Download PDF Read Abstract 32-36
Original Articles Gnathic Osteosarcoma: A Retrospective Analysis over a 20 Year Period Prabhu S, Jose M, Iyengar S Download PDF Read Abstract 37-40
Original Articles Improving Health Consciousness and Life Skills in Young People Through Peer-Leadership in Thailand Teerachote C, Kessomboon P, Rattanasiri A, Koju R Download PDF Read Abstract 41-44
Original Articles Awareness Regarding Preventive Measures of Avian Influenza Among the Adult People of Thimi Municipality, Nepal Manandhar K, Chataut J, Khanal K, Shrestha A, Shrestha S, Shrestha S Download PDF Read Abstract 45-49
Original Articles Medication Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy Among Patients Visiting Antiretroviral Therapy Center at Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal Sharma S, Khadga P, Dhungana GP, Chitrakar U Download PDF Read Abstract 50-53
Original Articles Effect of Sub-maximal Exercise Stress on Cold Pressor Pain: A Gender Based Study Pokhrel BR, Malik SL, Ansari AH, Paudel BH, Sinha R, Sinha M Download PDF Read Abstract 54-59
Original Articles Factors Contributing to Antenatal Care and Delivery Practices in Village Development Committees of Ilam District, Nepal Pradhan PMS, Bhattarai S, Paudel IS, Gaurav K, Pokharel PK Download PDF Read Abstract 60-65
Original Articles Bacterial Isolates and its Antibiotic Susceptibility Pattern in NICU Shrestha S, Shrestha NC, Dongol Singh S, Shrestha RPB, Kayestha S, Shrestha M, Thakur NK Download PDF Read Abstract 66-70
Original Articles Renal Impairment Among Patients With Pelvic Organ Prolapse in a Tertiary Care Center Dongol A, Joshi KS, KC S Download PDF Read Abstract 71-74
Original Articles Sharing the Ideas of Meta Science to Improve Quality of Research Aryal UR, Khanal K Download PDF Read Abstract 75-77
Original Articles Basic Sciences: An Alternative career? Khatri R Download PDF Read Abstract 78-80
Review Articles Adenosine Receptors as Targets for Therapeutic Intervention Suvarna B Download PDF Read Abstract 96-101
Review Articles Is Central Nervous System an Immune-Privileged Site? Shrestha R, Millington O, Brewer J, Bushell T Download PDF Read Abstract 102-107
Case Reports Incontinentia Pigmenti BS G, Pai GS, Pai AH, Vinekar AS, Pai HS, Noronha T, Fernandes MS Download PDF Read Abstract 91-93
Case Reports Clinical Practice Recurrent Severe Obscure Gastro Intestinal- Bleeding in a 20 Year Old Man Breidert M, Mandal A, Koller A, Huellebrand N, Malla B, Download PDF Read Abstract 81-85
Case Reports Cold Abscess of the Thigh in an Infant Mishra D, Mohta A, Arora P Download PDF Read Abstract 86-87
Case Reports Anterior Neck Lipoma with Anterior Mediastinal Extention A Rare Case Report Sharma BK, Khanna SK, Bharati M, Gupta A Download PDF Read Abstract 88-90
Case Reports A case of Synchronous Malignancy of Stomach and Kidney Aslam S SM, Sridhar H, Rao MY Download PDF Read Abstract 94-95

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