KUMJ | VOL. 19 | NO. 2 | ISSUE 74 | APRIL-JUNE 2021

Type Title Author Action Page Number
Editorial Vaccination Against COVID-19 in Pregnant and Lactating Women Shrestha A Download PDF 158-159
Original Articles Taurine can Decrease Phosphorylated Tau Protein Levels in Alzheimer’s Model Rats’ Brains Jahanshahi M, Nikmahzar E, Gorgani S Download PDF Read Abstract 200-204
Original Articles Dementia Symptoms among Senior Citizens Living in Geriatric Homes of Kathmandu Valley Singh DR, Parajuli P, Hug J, Nath D, Koirala R, Mandal R Download PDF Read Abstract 195-199
Original Articles Prevalence of Loss of Smell and/or Taste and other Otorhinolaryngology Symptoms in COVID-19 Patients Shrestha I, Mishra A, Mishra A, Bista M, Acharya J Download PDF Read Abstract 173-179
Original Articles Comparative Study between Operative versus Non-operative Treatment for Base of Fifth Metatarsal Fractures in Young Adults KC KM, Marahatta SB, Niroula A, KC A, Pangeni RB Download PDF Read Abstract 190-194
Original Articles Comparison of Two Entry Methods for Laparoscopic Port Entry Yadav RP, Paudyal N, Bhattarai A, Adhikari D Download PDF Read Abstract 186-189
Original Articles Quality of Life of Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Attending a Tertiary Care Hospital, Kavre, Nepal Acharya Pandey R, Chalise HN, Shrestha A, Ranjit A Download PDF Read Abstract 180-185
Original Articles Functional Outcome of Pediatric Monteggia Fracture Dislocation Treated Surgically in a Tertiary Care Centre of Nepal Dhoju D, Parajuli B Download PDF Read Abstract 164-167
Original Articles Self-confidence Level among Intern Dentists in Performing Endodontic Treatment Procedures in Nepal Chakradhar A, Humagain M, Acharya N, Pradhan S, Poudel P Download PDF Read Abstract 168-172
Original Articles Laparoscopic Surgeries in Urology: Initial Burgeoning Experience at National Transplant Centre, Nepal Katwal BM, Koju S, Kunwar KJ, Shrestha D, Verma R, Shrestha PC Download PDF Read Abstract 160-163
Original Articles A Comparative Study of Enhanced Recovery after Surgery Versus Non-Enhanced Recovery after Surgery in Emergency Surgery for Duodenal Ulcer Perforation Thapa P, Sharma A, Mahato N Download PDF Read Abstract 205-209
Original Articles Evaluation of Nicotine Dependence in Adult Population of Eastern Nepal Shrestha A, Marla V, Lamsal M, Sarraf DP, Rao N Download PDF Read Abstract 210-215
Original Articles Radiographic Assessment of Occurrence of Pulp Stones in Molars of Selected Adult Nepalese Populations at Tertiary Care Center Acharya N, Chakradhar A, Kafle D Download PDF Read Abstract 216-220
Original Articles Correlation between Invasive Intracranial Pressure Monitoring and Optic Nerve Sheath Diameter in Patients with Traumatic Brain Injury Shrestha B, Shrestha P, Ghale P, Lakshmipathy G Download PDF Read Abstract 221-224
Original Articles Does the Preoperative Neutrophil-to-lymphocyte Ratio and Platelet-to-lymphocyte Ratio Associate with Clinic-pathological Characteristics in Papillary Carcinoma of Thyroid Shrestha BL, KC AK, Rajbhandari P, Dhakal A, Shrestha KS Download PDF Read Abstract 225-229
Original Articles Comparative Efficacy and Safety of Diacerein in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis: A Pilot Study Shakya Shrestha S, Tamrakar S, Shrestha R, Shrestha R, Basi A, Malla M, Khadka SK Download PDF Read Abstract 260-264
Original Articles Effects of Momordica Charantia (Karela/bitterguord) in Type 2 Diabetic Patients Taking Allopathic Drugs: A pilot study Rauniyar GP, Sinha R, Chapagain K, Maskey R, Pandey DR Download PDF Read Abstract 243-247
Original Articles Clinical profile of Thrombocytopenia in Acute Febrile Illnesses; a hospital-based study Dhunputh P, Acharya R, Umakanth S, Shetty SM, Mohammed AP, Saraswat PP Download PDF Read Abstract 248-252
Original Articles Mothers’ Perception of Their Children’s Play in Dhulikhel Hospital, Nepal Karki S, Shrestha S, Shrestha K Download PDF Read Abstract 230-236
Original Articles Control of Dietary Salt Intake at Family Level by Housewives in Tripura, India: A Rural - Urban Comparison Karmakar N, Datta A, Nag K Download PDF Read Abstract 253-259
Original Articles Whole Genome Sequence Analysis to Identify SARS-CoV-2 Variant in Nepal Shrestha R, Katuwal N, Adhikari N, Vanaerschot M, Tamrakar D, Dhimal M, Gyanwali P, Bhattarai S, Madhup SK, Devkota B Download PDF Read Abstract 237-242
Case Reports Isolated Leprosy of Bilateral Ear Lobes, A Rare Presentation of Leprosy Paudel V, Chudal D Download PDF Read Abstract 268-270
Case Reports Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy and Common Bile Duct Exploration in Situs Inversus Patients Simkhada S, Malla B, Shrestha R Download PDF Read Abstract 271-274
Case Reports Multiple Epidermal Inclusion Cysts of Epiglottis KC AK, Shrestha BL Download PDF Read Abstract 275-277
Case Reports Crown Lengthening Surgery for Enhancing Restorative Treatment in Esthetic Zone Dawadi A, Humagain M, Sapkota B, Subba M, Neupane M, Lamichhane S Download PDF Read Abstract 278-281
Case Reports Sydenham’s Chorea with Silent Cardiac Lesions, Mimicking Encephalitis in a 13 Year Old Girl Shakya KN, Bhatta A, Yadav A, Gautam U, Basnet S Download PDF Read Abstract 282-284
Short Communications The Risk of COVID-19 in People Having a Particular Set of Gene Dhakal B, Makaju R, Dhakal R Download PDF Read Abstract 265-267

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