KUMJ | VOL. 15 | NO. 3 | ISSUE 59 | JULY-SEPT. 2017

Type Title Author Action Page Number
Editorial Diet and Health What Should We Eat ? Archana Shrestha, Donna Spiegelman Download PDF 195-196
Original Articles Role of Endoscopic Modified Inlay Butterfly Cartilage Perichondrium Myringoplasty in Hearing Outcome and Graft Uptake Shrestha BL, Dhakal A, Pradhan A, Rajbhandari P Download PDF Read Abstract 197-202
Original Articles Comparative Study to Determine the efficacy of Zinc Oxide Eugenol and Alveogyl in Treatment of Dry Socket Chaurasia NK, Upadhyaya C, Dixit S Download PDF Read Abstract 203-206
Original Articles Intramedullary Nailing System in Unstable Both Bone Diaphyseal Fractures in Children KC BB, Lamichhane N, Parajuli SP, Maharjan S Download PDF Read Abstract 207-211
Original Articles Prevalence of Diastolic Dysfunction in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Yadava SK, Dolma N, Lamichhane G, Poudel N, Barakoti M, Karki DB Download PDF Read Abstract 212-216
Original Articles Mobile Phone: A Possible Vector of Bacterial Transmission in Hospital Setting Karkee P, Madhup SK, Humagain P, Thaku N, Timilsina B Download PDF Read Abstract 217-221
Original Articles Side-Effects and Social Norms Influencing Family Planning Use in Nepal Wasti SP, Simmons R, Limbu N, Chipanta S, Haile L, Velcoff J, Shattuck D Download PDF Read Abstract 222-229
Original Articles A Study of Occupational Characteristics and their Association with Cardiovascular Disease among Industrial Workers in Eastern Nepal Pyakurel P, Karki P, Lamsal M, Ghimire A, Pokharel PK Download PDF Read Abstract 230-234
Original Articles Usefulness of Flexible Airway Endoscopy for the Diagnosis of Pulmonary Diseases in Children Rijal P, Giri A, Kumar P Download PDF Read Abstract 235-239
Original Articles Evaluation of Anterolateral Plating of Distal Third Tibial Fractures Pandey BK, Rijal KP, Prasai T, Pradhan RL, Lakhey S, Manandhar RR, Sharma S Download PDF Read Abstract 244-248
Original Articles A Study on Obstetric Intensive Care in Dhulikhel Hospital, Kathmandu University Hospital Shrestha A, Kayastha B, Kayastha S Download PDF Read Abstract 240-243
Original Articles Optimal Starting Dose of Warfarin for Treatment of Deep Vein Thrombosis in Nepalese Context, A Retrospective-Prospective Institutional Review Shrestha BK, Karmacharya RM, Devbhandari M, Tuladhar SM Download PDF Read Abstract 249-252
Case Reports Peripheral Cemento-Ossifying Fibroma Humagain M, Dawadi A, Srii R, Poudel P Download PDF Read Abstract 261-264
Case Reports Hemiconvulsion-Hemiplegia-Epilepsy Syndrome in a Girl Presented with Complex Partial Seizures Joshi A, Shrestha PS, Dangol S, Shrestha NC, Poudyal P, Shrestha A Download PDF Read Abstract 256-260
Case Reports Fetal Ascites Mimicking Maternal Ovarian Tumor: A Rare Cause of Obstructed Labour Shrestha D, Baniya S, Khatri RB Download PDF Read Abstract 253-255
Case Reports Traumatic Diaphragmatic Hernia: Diagnostic Dilemma Vaidya S, Biswas M, Rai K Download PDF Read Abstract 265-267

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