KUMJ | VOL. 3 | NO. 1 | ISSUE 9 | JAN-MAR, 2005

Type Title Author Action Page Number
Editorial Management of acute coronary syndrome Karki DB Download PDF 1-2
Editorial Child nutrition in Nepal Pradhan A Download PDF 2-3
Editorial Twenty-five years of immunization program in Nepal Suvedi BK Download PDF 4
Editorial Sudden blindness in Nepalese children Malla OK Download PDF 4-5
Original Articles Results of simultaneous open reduction and Salter innominate osteotomy for developmental dysplasia of the hip Banskota AK, Paudel B , Pradhan I , Bijukachhe B, Vaidya R, Rajbhandary T Download PDF Read Abstract 6-10
Original Articles Platelet aggregometric study on whole blood of patients with ischaemic heart disease Lakhey M, Agarwal A, Badhe B Download PDF Read Abstract 11-16
Original Articles Accuracy of ultrasonography in evaluation of level and cause of biliary obstruction: a prospective study Ghimire R, Lohani B, Pradhan S Download PDF Read Abstract 17-21
Original Articles The oxygen and volatile anaesthetic delivery characteristics during spontaneous ventilation using a non-rebreathing coaxial anaesthesia system Day SK Download PDF Read Abstract 22-25
Original Articles Tramadol along with local anaesthetics in the penile block for the children undergoing circumcision Shrestha BR, Bista B Download PDF Read Abstract 26-29
Original Articles Radial club hand deformity The continuing challenges and controversies Banskota AK, Bijukachhe B, Rajbhandary T, Pradhan I, Singh A Download PDF Read Abstract 30-34
Original Articles Total thyroidectomy: the treatment of choice in differentiated thyroid carcinoma Shrestha SK, Joshi MR, Sharma SK Download PDF Read Abstract 35-38
Original Articles Prevalence of Moraxella catarrhalis infections of the lower respiratory tract in elderly patients Tamang MD, Dey S, Makaju RK, Jha BK, Shivananda PG, Bhramadatan KN Download PDF Read Abstract 39-44
Original Articles Management of antitubercular drugs-induced hepatotoxicity and therapy reintroduction strategy in a TB clinic of Nepal Shakya R, Rao BS, Shrestha B Download PDF Read Abstract 45-49
Original Articles Surgical interventions in chronic osteomyelitis Shrestha BK, Rajbhandary T, Bijukachhe B, Banskota AK Download PDF Read Abstract 50-54
Original Articles Comparative study of three antimicrobial drugs protocol (Ceftriaxone, Gentamicin/Amikacin and Metronidazole) versus two antimicrobial drugs protocol (Ceftriaxone and Metronidazole) in cases of intra-abdominal sepsis Khan S , Gupta DK, Khan DN Download PDF Read Abstract 55-63
Original Articles Anatomic variations of foramen ovale Biswabina Ray, Nirupma Gupta, Supriya Ghose Download PDF Read Abstract 64-68
Original Articles HIV/AIDS and STI related knowledge, attitude and practice among high school students in Kathmandu valley Jaiswal S, Magar BS, Thakali K, Pradhan A, Gurubacharya DL Download PDF Read Abstract 69-75
Review Articles An overview of electrochemiluminescent (ECL) technology in laboratory investigations Mathew BC, Biju RS, Thapalia N Download PDF Read Abstract 91-93
Case Reports How safe is transfusion of uncross-matched group-specific blood? Gongal R Download PDF Read Abstract 76-78
Case Reports Ocular prosthesis in children clinical report Dixit S, Shetty P, Bhat GS Download PDF Read Abstract 81-83
Case Reports Injection drug use and tricuspid valve endocarditis KC Mathura, Thapa N, Rauniyar A, Magar A, Gurubachharya DL, Karki DB Download PDF Read Abstract 84-86
Case Reports Roundworm infestation presenting as acute abdomen in four cases sonographic diagnosis Sharma UK, Rauniyar RK , Bhatta N Download PDF Read Abstract 87-90
Short Communications Role of drug and therapeutics committee towards drug safety- experiences from western Nepal Palaian S, Mishra P Download PDF Read Abstract 79-80

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